Thursday, January 22, 2009

Michael Myers Rip-Off

Once again I decided to sketch a horror icon that has never really interested me. I always thought the Jason character was a punk-ass rip-off version of Michael Myers, but that's just my opinion. I will say this though, as a child my family went to the video store a lot to rent movies and I always liked the artwork on the box covers to the Friday the 13th movies.


  1. All too true on all counts. Fun piece.

  2. I liked the boxes too. When I was a kid I was uncontrollably drawn to things that terrified me, namely VHS boxes at the video store. I recently started watching all the movies that I was afraid of the box art and they're all laughably bad. Can't believe I was afraid of Ghoulies at some point. Ha.

  3. Jack, I think you should do a tribute to one of the best horror movies ever: The Ice Cream Man.