Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lemmy Kilmister paint sketch

49% Motherf**ker, 51% Son of a Bitch. That is the tagline to the documentary Lemmy a film about the life of musician Lemmy Kilmister. It premiered on VH1 Classic this past weekend and I had the chance to watch it a couple times. If you didn't get to see it, you're in luck because it comes out on DVD this Tuesday. Pretty good flick. All of Dave Grohl's scenes were pretty entertaining, and Scott Ian from Anthrax had a pretty funny story about how short Lemmy likes to wear his shorts. I will most likely be watching it again. Anyways, as I was viewing it for the second time, I decided to kick out a paint sketch of the legendary bass player. This is acrylic paint on Canson sketchbook paper.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Godfather Paint Sketch

This was going to be my Friday Night Sketch Challenge, but I think I'm done with those. Setting up the lights and camera is too much hassle for a 10 minute film, plus all the time to upload the films, etc., etc. This is a paint sketch of the character Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather created with acrylics on Canson sketchbook paper. Total time about 2 hours, or two episodes of Freaks and Geeks.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Don Draper Friday Night Sketch Colored

Here is the colored version of last weeks Friday Night Sketch Challenge. Am I crazy, or would a graphic novel version of Mad Men be pretty killer?