Monday, April 29, 2013

Dinosaur Jr Sketch + Video

A couple weeks ago I went down to Pomona, CA to see Dinosaur Jr. perform at The Glass House. I enjoyed the show very much and as a result decided to take a break from the projects I am currently working on to create a Dinosaur Jr. related sketch. It's not overly creative by any means as far as the concept goes. It's pretty much just J Mascis as a dinosaur. It was more or less an excuse to do something with real tools and real ink. The past few posters I've done have all been created digitally and I'd like to get back to doing stuff more traditionally. Supplies used: Kolinsky brushes, Deleter pen nib, Sumi ink and bleed proof white on 2-ply cold press illustration board. Actual Sketch took about 6 hours. I taped the progress on this one and edited the video along with the Dinosaur Jr. song "Let It Ride." (The video is under the sketch image below.)