Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Adventures of Tintin Illustrations

At this time last year I was elbow deep in working on designs for The Adventures of Tintin website. A lot of concepts were thrown out. Some stuck, some didn't. This was one of the concepts that almost went through but was eventually cut. Our clients had expressed an interest in having graphic illustrations incorporated into the site somehow. I came up with the concept of having illustrations that were similar to the different sections background images animate in and then fade out to reveal the final backgrounds. The illustrations I created were graphic and simple with the shape of the characters following HergĂ©'s character models as apposed to the final ones used in the film. We did an animation test in our office with the desert scene and it went over really well with the client. In the end, the idea was axed. I don't really recall why other than maybe the client wanted the user experience to go faster. In the end, I have six Tintin illustrations no one has seen… until now.  The first set of images is the six different illustrations that would've been used. The second set of images is a storyboard of how the images would have loaded.