Friday, August 10, 2012

Modern Vintage Illustration

My Jimmy Page illustration from 2008 was one of the pieces included in the new book, Modern Vintage Illustration. Interesting tidbit about this piece - I created it back in 2008. Threw it away, (as I usually throw away everything I work on). Was contacted in 2011 by Martin Dawber who had seen the piece on my Deviant Art page and asked if I would like to be part of the book. Actually repainted the painting exactly to the original so as to meet Martin's size/pixel requirements. All of that repainting happened a week before I moved to L.A.

So now the book is out.

Chris Cornell poster featured on

Hey, If you go to today, my Chris Cornell poster is one of the featured pieces of art on the homepage. Beating off to pagan gods is finally paying off.

Chris Cornell Songbook Carnegie Hall Gig

Chris Cornell solo poster. Carnegie Hall gig. Chris Cornell and New York city were drawn in Photoshop. Text was created in Illustrator. The composition was put together in Photoshop.