Friday, January 16, 2009

First Post

Well here it is. The debut post. The Led Zeppelin I of posts. You know, not that great but maybe enticing enough to have people come back for a second one.

I'll say right off the bat that some of the stuff will probably be more thought out than others. I'm pretty sure that most of these sketches will resemble the kind of art that you would find scribbled in a 7th grader's notebook next to his information on Spain's quest for god, gold and glory in the colonies.

So here's a couple quick sketches...

The first is pretty self explanatory. A brush and ink angelic face with a butterfly at the end. "LA LA-LA LA" (That part should be sung in your head)

The second is my observation of pageant mothers. I am like a moth to the flame when it comes to documentaries about the lives of pageant kids, not so much for the pageant footage, but because of the parents and the future train wrecks they are raising. Most of the mothers in these documentaries are really harsh on their kids for messing up a dance move or getting a word wrong in their song. I guess what really irks me about that is the fact that most of these women probably couldn't dance for 30 seconds without being out of breath. Who are they to criticize their kid for dancing when they themselves can't do it? For the most part, pageant mothers all look and sound the same - busty Jabba the Hut style tan body - Too much make-up - peroxide burned hair - and a southern accent. The last one really gets me because words like win become weeen. For example, " I really think Tacoma can weeen this one if she tries. But we're having problems now because we lost our room key to the Ramada EEEn. " So yeah, there you have it.


  1. Glorious. Glad to have you on board the Challenge!

  2. I'm really surprised your quotation doesn't come from "The Invisible Man."

  3. While I do love James Whale's Invisible Man much more than his Frankenstein, I have always found something very appealing about that quote from Henry Frankenstein. Plus, I don't know if this would be too appealing as a quote, " An invisible man could rule the world. You could rob and rape and kill!!! HAHAHA!!!!" While I do like that line better, I would like to not alienate too many people with my words. That is what the sketches are for.

  4. Oh yeah... good eye for catching that quote.

  5. I'll be honest--it was familiar, but I couldn't place from where, so I ended up Googling it.