Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boba Fett

Here is another technique study with the inks and charcoal on gessoed board. This time the victim is Boba Fett, yeah, it's Boba Fett. I know what you're thinking, "Dude, I saw Empire and Jedi and Boba Fett's get up is green." Two words: Holiday Special. I like how some of this came out. In retrospect I don't think I would have used the charcoal to render in the dark areas on the fabric, gloves or the wrist guard. Those areas look real muddy and after the art was shrunk down a lot of the textures from the charcoal and gesso got lost. Originally I was going to paint him up in his classic getup, but I thought I'd do something different.

On an unrelated note, I found this video of Mitch Breitweiser working on a Captain America piece. I really dig his work and was glad to see this. You may like this video if you're a cat enthusiast.


  1. How big did you do this one? I think I prefer it shrunk down with the digital color.

    That tutorial is pretty sweet. I can't find the pen brushes he's using on the site can you?

  2. pretty great- texture is primo. Good tutorial!

  3. Josh, I am pretty sure these are the pens he was talking about. Scroll down when you get there to see the black colored brush pen.
    As far as the size goes the original black and white art is 8X10 scanned in at 600 dpi.