Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ultimate Warrior

Last week I had a conversation with a few chums about the late 80's / early 90's era of the WWF. By far my favorite wrestler at the time was the Ultimate Warrior. I think what I liked best about his character was the costume and the face paint, plus when his intro music played he would sprint out to the ring instead of giving high fives to the fans. ( I can relate because I also hate touching strangers and vice versa.) After spending the evening reminiscing about old wrestlers I decided to jump on youtube and watch old footage of Ultimate Warrior. I caught a few of the Warrior's interviews with Mean Gene and came to the conclusion that one of my childhood idols was borderline retarded. His interviews pretty much consisted of grunts followed by pacing and more grunts. Boy, could I pick 'em.

So he is the subject matter for tonights sketch. Also, if you're a fan of The Maxx, you will probably recognize this layout from the cover of issue #2.


  1. I kind of used this sketch as a technique study. I used inks on a cold press piece of board for texture and used a toothbrush for the hair and arms bands.The actual black and white inked piece looks kind of cool.(Well, cool to me anyways.)

  2. i'd like to see it. and holy shit that's the most amazing warrior footage i've ever seen.

  3. The ultimate Warrior as The Maxx! I love it!