Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BOOM goes the dynamite. IN YO FACE!!!!

I like to flip through old magazines on occasion. I'm not talking about WWII era Life magazines or anything like that...more like magazines that are about 15 years old. I like to see all of the advertisements for television shows that were unsuccessful or Joe Camel illustrations that were in print (before parents with sticks up their asses bitched to the point of getting Joe Camel removed.) Tonight I pulled out a Sports Illustrated year in review '92. Some of the topics were interesing, Can the Celtics carry on without Bird?, Can Michael and the Bulls make it A three-peat?, Can Bonds and the Pirates finally get to the World Series?...etc. There were also a lot of stories about the '92 Olympics that took place in Barcelona, especially since that was the first year the U.S.A. brought out the Dream Team. Anyways, I found this picture of George Foreman competing in one of the first of many comebacks he had in the 90's. This is a quick paint sketch done with gouache.

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  1. this looks really cool. Kind of a sterling hundly vibe, but less ugly and more awesome.