Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Smoking Gimp

This is a 22" X 28.5" acrylic painting on chipboard. I painted this for the Ted Perez + Associates head office located in Venice, CA. The gimp is part of a game where a contestant must put the cigarette out without the use of something like a squirt gun. More like a love gun, if ya catch my drift. As you can see, there is a target behind the gimps head, implying he has to hold the cigarette in front of his face. If you read the expression in the his eyes, the gimp is reluctant to take part. Can you blame him? Gives a new meaning to, "loads of fun."

On a side note, I was gonna purchase a gimp mask for reference photos, but they're more expensive than I thought. I ended up buying some pleather material and making one myself.

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