Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Valley of the Dolls Poster

This is a painting I did for the Cinematic Redux show (if you read Joel Jackson's blog you probably know about the show). However, my piece didn't make it to the opening because it was destroyed. I can honestly say that Valley of the Dolls is one of my favorite films and I enjoy reciting lines of dialogue from this film with my sister, especially if my brother-in-law is in the same room(he has not seen the movie, so he just looks at us with an incredulous gaze most times). The image for the poster with the pills and Sharon Tate's eyes was created with acrylics, oils, gouache and colored pencils on illustration board. I really under estimated the time it would take to paint every one of those pills on a large piece of board... it took for fucking ever. The text was then brought in with the computer, but the rest is 100% traditional. I found the process of creating this image extremely tedious and boring. In the end, I thought the image was descent on a technical level, but kind of lacking on a conceptual level. It more or less became an exercise of technique as apposed to something visually interesting and I'm kind of tired of creating pieces like that. The past couple of years I have taken a huge interest in creating pieces with brush and ink and actually enjoy that much better... so I will probably be going more that route from now on. So here is the final piece with detail and progress shots.


  1. It KILLS me to see this and know that you trashed it.

  2. dude. i saw this at a glance the other day when i didnt have time to dwell on the internet and just assumed that you'd painted the face and then clipping masked it into a photo of pills scattered out like that.... but you actually painted every pill! crazypants! the skill level here is SUPER impressive. and i heard you destroyed it afterwards. bonkers.

  3. wow man. I'm glad that you at least have progress pictures. you would have bowled people over at the show.