Monday, March 8, 2010

Arm Band

Yeah... this isn't a sketch, but it is visual. I've had this black corduroy jacket for a while and had wanted to add an armband for some time. The lengthy part of this whole process was deciding what logo or design to add to the red fabric. It was a toss up between things like the Black Flag bars to the sperm and egg Queens of the Stone Age logo, etc., etc. In the end I decided to go with something Pearl Jam related seeing as how they have been my favorite band since the age of 11. I chose the packaging logo that P.J. had used for their 2008 bootleg series. (I think the logo was designed by Brad Klausen.) Anyways, I printed the logo onto some red tweed and then sewed the armband onto my jacket. (Yeah, that's right. I know how to and like to sew.) So that was my weekend fling.


  1. How did you print onto fabric?

  2. I used this fabric paint from Michaels. It's the kind of stuff you use to make a shirt that says like, "World's Greatest Grandpa". I used this same stuff a few years ago when I made that rib cage jacket for Halloween. To get the artwork on there I created a stencil out of real thin plastic and then layered the fabric paint over that to make sure the logo would be real opaque.

  3. It looks really sharp and clean!