Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rocky Chuck Taylor Ad

Every time I watch the movie Rocky I always marvel over the fact that the title character does all of his training with Chuck Taylors. I am a huge fan of this particular style of shoe, but they really are crap for things like running. If the events in Rocky were true, I could only imagine the blisters and calluses he would get as a result of running with Chucks every day.

Anyways... I thought this idea of Rocky running with Chucks could inspire a new ad campaign. Suck it Nike.


  1. This might become my new laptop wallpaper. I always think the same thing when I watch "Rocky"! He's even wearing high-tops, which are less comfortable than the low-cut model.

  2. Did you know that Nike has owned Converse since 2003? Need to catch up on your business reading, eh?