Monday, February 2, 2009

Joel must be sooooo Happy

If you are not aware, the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl a few hours ago. I decided to sketch out how Joel Jackson must have looked after he finished watching the game. OK.... I'm willing to bet he didn't watch the game, but I like to give him grief any time the Steelers do well based on something he said while we were still at CCAD.

He and I , and I'm sure a few others, were at the "Firetrap" buying comics when the discussion of the NFL playoffs came up. The Pittsburgh Steelers were doing particularly well in the playoffs that season which resulted in Joel saying this to Chaz, the owner of the shop. "Dude. I don't watch football, but dude, I hope Pittsburgh takes it all." Yeah, he said that. He said it, and if you're interested, you can call me or see me in person and I can imitate this sentence perfect. Anyways, as the years went on, Joel has vehemently denied this. Anytime I have ever told this story, he pipes up and says, "Bullshit. Dude, why would I say that? I hate football." Well, I'm setting the record straight, he said it. Joel, if you're reading this, you know I'm right. You said it. I WILL GO TO MY GRAVE KNOWING YOU SAID IT.

On another note, the easiest way to draw Joel is just to draw King Leonidas with glasses.


  1. I don't believe Joel said "takes it all" in reference to a football game BTW.

  2. Wait... you were in Columbus, and you didn't look me up? How often do you come back? We need to go out next time you're in town.